Bird List For The Magoebaskloof Area

There are walks around the lodge which take visitors through Indigenous forests and along mountain streams, where bird parties can be enjoyed.  Highveld grassland, home of the blue swallow and bushveld habitats are close by as is Woodbush Forest, which is a great birding spot.  

Please send the names of birds seen at the lodge that are not on our list to so that the sighting can be verified.

Purple Heron
Bat Hawk
African  Goshawk
Long crested Eagle
Crowned Eagle
Martial Eagle
Forest Buzzard
Redchested  Flufftail
Cape Robin
Chorister Robin
Starred Robin
Black Cuckoo
Knysna Loerie
Rameron Pigeon
Wood Owl
Nerina Trogan
Square-tailed Dronga
Red-Billed Wood Hoopoe
Blue-Mantled Flycatcher
Yellow-Throated Warbler
Forest Canary
Greater Double Collared Sunburn
Redchested flufftail
Olive Woodpecker
Bluegrey Flycatcher
Long Tailed wagtail
Puffbacked Shrike
Olive Bush Shrike
Blue Swallow